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There has been a video circleing on youtube lately about a social experiment involving young boys, and their willingness to hit a girl. The boys in the video were all very clear about how hitting a girl was wrong.

As some of you may know I have spent some time working in a kindergarten. Grown ups come up to me all the time to chat about how "difficult" kids are, and honestly I look at them with a blank face and tell them the truth: I have no idea what they mean. Kids are not difficult.

Perhaps grown ups often find kids difficult, because kids are not yet tamed and fitted for a certain box of characteristics. There was a little boy in my kindergarten who loved to bite the other kids cheeks, it made him smile and giggle. He loved the warm softness of the babies soft skin, and he went for the youngest. He most certainly not would bite a grown up because they were just gross and had hard leathery skin. 

The grown ups who "owned" the kids who he bit, looked at this little boy like he was an evil massmurderer in the making. They could just not wrap their head around why a boy of one years old could enjoy biting someone, unless he was cruel and spiteful and wanted to hurt them.

This is what we can learn from kids: 

1) Doing things because its fun and makes us giggle.
2) Jumping up and down a lot because it releases endorfins.
3) Make a mess of things just to see how all the liquids and hard matters get mixed and look beautiful and interesting and make imaginary shapes together.
4) Protect our friends when people are mean to them, and let them know its not ok cause thats OUR friend.
5) Get so shocked and appalled when the cake we eat turn out to be sand, because our reality is so much better than the real reality.
6) Scream of joy when we see the garbage truck, because they must be superheroes, since they are driving such a big truck.
7) Forgive people when they bite us or hit us or throw things at us or scream at us, and still let them play with us if they say sorry.
8) Knowing that anything that can walk on two feet is human, even if it is a dog that learned a trick, and they should all be treated equally.
9) Look down on the ground and get red in the face and mumble and choke when we try to tell a lie, because we feel soo awful about it.
10) Always ask questions if we are actually wondering something, and never jump to conclusions.
<![CDATA[Girls, Women, and their idea of romance]]>Tue, 13 Jan 2015 14:42:16 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/girls-women-and-their-idea-of-romanceYoure a guy, youre with a girl, and she is crazy. She doesnt make any sense and she never knows what she wants or even why she is feeling the way she does. So how in the world are you supposed to live up to her expectations? How can you ever satisfy her needs?

Well the first thing to know, is that despite of getting lost at certain moments, girls actually do know what they want generally. WHAT? Yes its true! 

You guys might think that when we say we want to come home to a room full of roses, that we are not really being serious but WE ARE DEAD SERIOUS. We are dangerously serious. And each time we come home we feel absolutely crushed that the room is not filled with roses. 

We walk through the door of our apartment, finding it so common and boring and just how we left it. We untangle our scarf from our neck and let our hair down and we sit there at the corner of the sofa with our left shoe in our hand, staring down at it; like that shoe really holds the answer to everything. Sitting there we are tearing up with disappointment, daydreaming of how it could be.
And then you come home and throw your backpack brutally on the kitchen counter, like you are some kind of barbaric cave man, and you dare to ask whats wrong. DUH.

It is true that a lot of girls are not typically "girly" but DO NOT get fooled by their tough exterior!
Trust me ALL girls share a mind full of unrealistic romantic expectations and dreams. We just want to be blown away for no reason!

For me personally I guess Im pretty girly in some ways, in the way that I often wish I was a princess, living in a world full of flying horses and that I could wear a dress covered in real diamonds and go to balls every day. YES!!!!!

But whether or not girls are girly, or wear big baggy pants and have tattoes and piercings all over their body, girls do have a different reality inside their hearts, and it is like they never lose hope that something completely unrealistic could happen. Someting MAGICAL!

And every time you guys dont go out of your way to do something completely spectacular for us, we get a little bit broken hearted. I know it doesnt really make much sense, but thats the truth!

So get it together men and play along in our little beautiful version of the world.

My husband always makes me feel so special and I would literally die inside every day if I wasn't with a man who made me feel like we were both super heroes every day. Like we could do ANYTHING! And like no one in the world is as beautiful and talented as I am.

No matter what he said, negative or positive, I would believe it so much that I would envision it clearly before me, and although Im a bit extreme that way, men you have a lot of power to make or break a girls world. So use it wisely <3
Just a disclaimer: No thats not a real tattoo on my shoulder! Its just painted on:)
<![CDATA[My Experience With Aura Migraine]]>Tue, 02 Dec 2014 13:11:23 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/my-experience-with-aura-migraineSo today I wanted to share a little story of my battle with aura migraine and how hard and long the road has been to finding out what I really was suffering from.

I have been suffering from what I would call seizures since childhood. An intense head ache would nearly always be involved but in the first years I could also have seizures without a very prominent head ache.
My seizures have taken various forms and doctors have long wondered if I had epilepsy. I have always been supposed to take tests for this but it is such a long and exhausting process that I haven't been well enough to actually suffer through it.

It is so typical that the people who are sickest don't get the help they need because you have to be pretty healthy to endure going through all those tests. For instance tests for epilepsy include a sleep deprived EEG where you basically have to force yourself to stay up for several days, the more days the better, in order for the epileptic activity to show up on the test. Also you are supposed to sleep during the test, or the test might not work, which I would never in a million years be able to do because I also have a genetic sleep disorder.

And that's just one example of many many tests I would have to go through to find out my diagnose sooner. But I have tried to find out by going to regular doctors, private doctors, emergency room under extreme seizures and even private emergency rooms.

Because I get an intense pain in both sides of my head, doctors have told me it could not be a migraine because "migraines only occur in one side of the head" This is completely false information. Aura is one of the rarest types of migraines and I would say the most severe one, and with aura migraine the pain may very well occur in both sides of the head.

When I finally found out that this is what I have, it was very frustrating to me knowing how much money and energy I had spent on doctors who havent has a clue.

And the worst part is that I know that this is the most common experience for most people who have a rare type of migraine! Doctors just do not seem to know much about this field at all.

So maybe you sit there and think that having a migraine can't be that serious. Well for women the second biggest single cause for heart attack is having aura migraine. The only thing that tops it is high blood pressure, but aura migraine comes before diabetes, obesity, smoking and everything else. And thats a fact even though aura migraines are so extremely rare that most doctors don't know the symptoms! Which means that statistically aura migraine is the biggest cause for heart attacks for women by a big margin.

The same exact thing is for strokes in the brain, aura migraine is also the biggest reason for women to get strokes.

For all the years that aura migraine sufferers don't get treatment they have to endure seizures that become more frequent and more violent because of the lack of treatment. In fact not being treated for your aura migraine will cause additional trauma to the parts of your brain which causes the seizures, and you will be much more likely to get a heart attack or a stroke.

If you'd like to, I would appreciate it if you shared this post with someone, so that we can raise awareness about the pressing matter of doctors educating themselves about the symptoms of migraines.
<![CDATA[Secret Mental Problems, People With Hidden Lives, Split Personality]]>Wed, 19 Nov 2014 19:20:24 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/secret-mental-problems-people-with-hidden-lives-split-personalitySo this is a somewhat serious subject... Perhaps I felt the need to write something serious because I was up all night, I'm extremely tired and the world is literally dark at almost every hour.

So... There are alot of things going on with people that you don't know about. It might even be a friend or a family member, and you might still have no idea how they act in certain situations, with certain people in their lives.

Yes, I know it's scary to think about, but it's important to remember. Always remember that unless you spend every day with someone you might just be seeing one side of them. A lot of the most troubled people in the world often seem like the most successful, the most put together people. Their lives might seem close to perfect and yet the truth is something very dark.

I have experienced these kind of people first hand, and if you have too then it's important to share it with someone.
You will probably feel like no one is going to believe you, because these people always seem so normal and well adjusted and successful. But you will find someone who will believe you, maybe a boyfriend or a friend or a family member. The best thing is to share it with someone who is really close to you and know you better than they know the person you are telling them about. That way you will most certainly be believed because the people who know you know that you wouldn't lie about something like that.

After you have succeeded to share it with someone you won't be alone in it anymore and it will be a huge relief. However your life may continue to be very affected by the person or people who are having these mental problems. So how can you protect yourself from being a victim in the situation?

The answer is; build your own platform. You already shared your concerns with someone who cares about you. Now you can start to build your own life with people who are close to you and not to the people who hurt you, a group of supporters who the sick people could never trick or manipulate because you already told them how these sick people work.

You will be playing on your own terms and you will be able to make the rules for your own life. They can never have a power over you now. And the funny thing is that the minute you start to feel safe, the minute you start to feel like they can't control you, these sick people will get very scared and desperate. They will know that they are losing control. They might fight it and try to threaten you or take to desperate measures, but in the end they will change their attitude from being a hunter to being the hunted.

Now I want to make it clear that mental problems is a very wide term, and most people who are having mental problems are completely harmless, so I don't want you going around pointing fingers. As a matter of fact I'm sure all of us have some mental problems! But I just used that term to illustrate the story.

Also; usually people are not just either good or bad, people usually have both in them, and even the people who have caused you harm might have good and caring sides to them. This doesn't apply to all cases of course, and it is hard to draw a line to what you should be able to look past and what you shouldn't. In the end you have to do what's best for you, if that is to cut this person out of your life or if it is to try to find a platform where you could meet and still have a good and valuable time.

In the end I want to take a moment and acknowledge that I'm certainly not perfect either, and neither are you, and God has forgiven me for the things I have done, like he has forgiven you, so maybe through him we could find it in our hearts to also forgive others.
<![CDATA[Fountain Of Youth]]>Fri, 14 Nov 2014 16:44:50 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/fountain-of-youthForever young, I want to be forever young... And by that I don't mean my looks but I mean my spirit!

Young people have the belief that anything is possible, they have an unlimited hope for their own lives and a very positive view on the future in general.

"Young and stupid" is the term. But no one can disagree that it is young people, as in teenagers who often find solutions for those "impossible" mathematical questions, finds cures for diseases and do generally things that have never been done before, things that grown ups believe are just not possible.

So why can teenagers solve these issues? They have less experience, less skill etc.. but they have belief! and with belief nothing is truly impossible.

Scientists even speculate that it is due to the endless mind of teenagers that our species has survived during ice ages and other harsh conditions.

It is not just teenagers that have endless imagination and hope, in fact I would claim that children have more of it than teenagers, it is just that teenagers have one foot in reality which can help them construct their ideas more productively.

But keeping the mind of a teenager was never enough for me, I always wanted to keep the freedom and imagination of a child! And so I did.

And let's think of this for a second: what would happen if a grown up regained that endless imagination and hope and freedom as a child? We all know that children have to be taught how to judge and hate.
So maybe if we would all try to keep that spirit... maybe that's what could truly save the world.

I know people call me childish, people say I need to grow up and my thoughts are not realistic, but guess what? I refuse! Thats the beauty of technically being an adult; I have the right to my own opinion and you can't make me do anything:)

Always ask yourself "what would the kid version of me do".
<![CDATA[how do you find the one, coming home]]>Mon, 10 Nov 2014 14:30:43 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/how-do-you-find-the-one-coming-homeHe is my soulmate. I know it. How do I know? How do you know that he is the one?
Well, you know the feeling of having been on vacation and coming back to your home country, driving up your driveway, looking at how much the grass grew, or how many leaves fell on the ground since last time? - You know the feeling of wanting to just go straight into taking care of that garden and that house, fixing everything?

You know that feeling of love and peace and comfort you get looking around you, taking a deep breath and letting the surroundings of your home just sink in? Realizing that no matter where you went in the world on that exotic holiday, this place will always be the best place on earth?

Thats what it feels like when you meet the person you belong with. It feels like coming home. When I met my husband, I was immidiately comfortable, I was 100% honest and open and sharing and not afraid to just be myself, show my true colours and tell all my awkward little stories, because it felt right. It felt like finding that perfect couch that you just want to live your entire life on and sink into and never get up.

He is my everything, and everything that I am I want to give to him, I want to share with him and I want him to understand. A soulmate is the one that will let you see and understand things about yourself that you never did before, he is the one holding the answer to all your questions. But dont expect it all to happen within the first days. Getting to know someone and opening up happens in layers, just like peeling off the first layer of an onion. And you may also be crying! Some things may be harder to open up about than others. But in the end you will become that much stronger because you went through it together.

It is a treasure knowing that any time I am ready to give him even more of me, he will be ready to recieve it. Any time we will feel ready for the next step we will do it together on our flying sofa.

I truly truly wish for all your beautiful people that one day your lives will be plentiful and rich because you will also find your true soulmate! <3
<![CDATA[God, Faith, Free Will, Apocalypse]]>Fri, 07 Nov 2014 00:44:19 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/god-faith-free-will-apocalypseI can't sleep. I'm thinking of one particular problem: If God knows exactly what we are going to do then how do we have free will? It's driving me crazy.

I look around at the world and I see all the horrible things that we humans do. Yet I believe in Adam and Eve and I believe that Adam was given the responsibility to care for Earth. Then why would God entrust this task to Adam if He already knew that it would be humanity that destroyed our planet?

I really wish I could understand this, although I know so many things are out of my reach to understand. But it would just make me feel a little bit better about all the things that are wrong with the world.

My last post was about things that make me happy. I am so blessed, my own life is turning out perfectly and I am so incredibly happy about it. But I can't ignore the pain that other people feel. I'm not so good at just living my own selfish life, only caring about a couple of people and not giving a shit about the rest. - What's wrong with me? It's obvious that human beings are not supposed to be this caring and compassionate for their surroundings.
I WISH WE COULD ALL BE ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES. But for that to happen we all have to become good, so that we can help each other.
<![CDATA[My Top 10 Reasons To Be Happy]]>Wed, 05 Nov 2014 09:06:39 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/my-top-10-reasons-to-be-happyYes I realize I've been gone for two months. MIA, not to be seen, etc. I was gone for so long that weebly changed their entire system on how to blog and couldn't even write a new post. Hate it when Im smacked in the face with technology.

I know at these times that I disappear for so long I lose all my readers and there occurs a complete change in the people who read my blog.

So let's be honest; I never started having a blog to be famous or to build a gigantic fanbase, I started it to hopefully reach out to some random people with my ideas, whenever I felt like sharing them. And I still think that's a pretty magical thing that I could write something here and then there's a random person on a different continent reading it and thinking about how what I'm writing applies to their own life. Or maybe they're thinking "what the hell what a freak, this does not apply to my life at all you stupid fuck". Regardless it is magical. And being a freak is possibly more magical than not being a freak don't you think? Yes. So. Let's get going on today's subject.

1: I just got married!!! By just I mean during the long time I was away from this website. It might have happened on any of those days and Im not going to tell you which day in particular that it was because guess what? All days are equal and Im pretty sure the other days would feel jealous if I picked one over the other. In fact that is my life motto so there is a very good reason why I cant remember anyones birthday (!)

2: I just turned 25!!!! I do remember my own birthday I promise, I cross my heart and all that. But its a secret! Anyways being 25 is pretty fun because every day now I look in the mirror to see if I got older, and I never used to do that because there was no point but now I actually might start to see something. When you turn 25 its like for the first time you realize you are seriously gonna get old one day.

3: I am the happiest person alive!!! And its complete truth! So obviously this is a very good reason to be happy.

4: I went through a lot of bad things in my life and I deserve all the good that comes to me.
Take a moment to realize that only vicious rapers and murderers dont deserve good things. Which means that chances are; YOU deserve good things too.

5: I am the creator of my own destiny. When you have realized that you deserve good things, the next step is to realize that you have the power to attract good things into your life.

6: I am a kind and functional human being with the ability to love.
This is such an amazing blessing that no one should take for granted. Imagine not having that ability, not being able to connect with another human being.

7: My husband is a centaur. No hes really not that was a lie. The truth is he is more mindblowingly amazing that Im even able to comprehend and every day I am left in awe of him. And my reaction is just like if I saw a centaur for the first time. Every single day! Imagine how fun that is:)

8: I got a lot better at lying less.
Well number 7 aside... I am lying a lot less frequently because I realized that I am changing as a person and I dont need to use the same tactics for survival as I did before. It is ok to change and the things that used to make life better for you may now be holding you back.

9: I am on the move! This is the first second time in my life that I have been excited about moving, the first time was when I moved out at 18, now it is because I am moving IN with my man!

10: God is with me! Best feeling in the world. Now you might think its contradictory that I am so religious and saying "fuck" all the time but I cant help it cause Im a fucking centaur!
<![CDATA[Princess Wedding Dress, How To Not Get Stressed Before Your Wedding]]>Fri, 26 Sep 2014 11:14:26 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/princess-wedding-dress-how-to-not-get-stressed-before-your-wedding
Here's a little sneak peak of my wedding dress!! Not showing too much of it cause I want it to be a surprise for everyone:) it's my dream dress and I love it so much!

I am having an awesome time preparing for the wedding I'm actually not really stressed just super excited and can't believe this is happening!!

We will stay at this perfect hotel after the wedding too for a week and it's just gonna be so amazing to first have these parties with everyone we love and then go away together and just relax big time <3

Life could literally not be better right now!! :D

If you are getting married I recommend to do whatever you can to make the WHOLE process enjoyable, I mean including the time of the planning. You're supposed to just be happy and excited so if you feel very stressed about something just remember that you are the one getting married and if something is making you stressed you should cut out that part of the process. Sometimes less is more.
<![CDATA[Shaping My Eyebrows, Hair Removal, Bridezilla, Arabic Wedding]]>Thu, 25 Sep 2014 08:18:02 GMThttp://missoda.weebly.com/miss-oda/shaping-my-eyebrows-hair-removal-bridezilla-arabic-wedding
wedding invitation
As you all know I'm getting married! Right now I'm in my own personal sphere with my man and we're just planning everything and we're so busy being happy!

Here in Tunisia women do this thing where they basically wax their whole entire bodies, including hands and arms etc, which obviously to me who is Norwegian is very odd. I think Tunisian people are just like extra eager on the hair removal topic, and so I decided to pluck my own eyebrows in an attempt to avoid being overly plucked by the hairdresser at the day of the wedding. Hopefully now she will look at my eyebrows without an immediate need to pluck them! We shall see how that works out. Can you guys see which is the before photo of my eyebrows and which is the photo of after I plucked them? I guess the difference isn't that major.

Amongst the many things we have been doing we have handed out invitations and they look like this! Yup they're written in Arabic and not just Arabic but an old, formal version of Arabic that not even my fiance can properly read haha which is fun cause I love riddles. It will kind of be a test for people to see if they can solve it so they can come to the wedding :D

So this is just a little update from me, hope you're all doing great!:)